Why do French Presses Make the Best Coffee?

If you enjoy drinking coffee, you’ll discover that you have a multitude of options. You may spend a lot of money to allow Starbucks to brew it for you. You might buy an expensive espresso machine to make a great cup of coffee. You might spend a very little amount of cash on a drip machine. You might purchase a percolator. Your final option is to buy your very own French Press (Bean Envy’s of course)! Why should you use a French press? The majority of people think French presses make the best cup of coffee. Below are just a few of the reasons why:

Paper filters will take out oils and flavor

When you eat good foods, usually the flavor exists in the oils and fats. Paper filters inside drip machines will absorb a lot of the oil inside your coffee grounds. French presses do not soak up flavor and add small bits of coffee grounds inside the coffee which percolates flavor.

French presses allow for steeping

As you get a great cup of tea, you utilize bulk tea which steeps for a while depending on the kind of tea. The end result will be a mouth-watering brew of tea. The same will hold true for coffee that is through a French press. Because the coffee grounds steep rather than filter, your coffee is going to taste better.

Everything is inside the cup

With a French press, it will mean that everything except the coffee is inside the cup. You will taste all of the flavors, which will only add to your experience. You’ll experience your coffee through all of the five senses.

There aren’t any impurities

As you purchase Folger’s and utilize a drip machine, you’ll get impurities. First off, impurities will come from the distribution and manufacturing of the coffee’s name brand. Secondly, impurities will show up from your drip machine and the way your coffee is made. But, if you use a French press, you’ll consume the coffee the way it’s meant to be consumed without any impurities.

You’ll get full saturation of grounds

A French press doesn’t permit you to miss the grounds. That means you’re getting full saturation of the oils and coffee. Drip machines do not hit all the grounds. The saturation will give your brew a completely different flavor than what you would get from a percolator or a drip machine.

It is the proper temperature

A French press will maintain the proper water temperature all throughout the process, making a difference on how your coffee is brewed. Percolators and drip machines oftentimes quickly heat up the water and cool down just as fast, meaning the proper temperature only occurs within the middle of the process rather than all throughout the entire brewing cycle.

If you’re still using a drip machine or percolator, you should buy a French press machine from Bean Envy and taste the difference in your coffee.

For more information on using a French press for coffee contact Bean Envy at support@beanenvy.com.

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